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Clean Solutions For An Active Lifestyle


Montana’s Very Own Farms formulates the highest echelon of hemp derived CBD products in the market today. Our experts have decades of knowledge in fragrance and formula, genetics, farming, biosolutions and more.

It’s no secret that the Big Sky State has some of the best outdoor destinations and most breathtaking views in the entire country. Whether your adventures take you down the river, up the mountain, or through the forest, having the proper tools is crucial to any active lifestyle. Be sure to pack our Huckleberry CBD Tincture with you, and you’ll be getting the benefits of full spectrum hemp extract while enjoying the sweet taste of huckleberries grown naturally in the Montana wilderness.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of coming home from an exciting (and tiring) outdoor adventure – the dryness/dehydration from the day leaving us in need of recovery. Stepping out of the heat, enjoying a drink of cold water, and quickly hopping in the shower are absolute necessities in your recovery regimen, but why not go further to give yourself an extra, natural boost? When you’re feeling rugged, try implementing our Age-Defying CBD Facial Serum and our Rejuvenating CBD Facial Cream into your routine. MVO is proud to offer our products for natural recovery, when you’re home after being in the sun, the elements, on the water, or in the mountains.



Plants need to breathe for the same reason humans and animals must breathe: they need oxygen to convert food into energy. At MVO, we’re proud to use our pristine Montana air to provide the ideal conditions for our naturally-grown, organic hemp plants. Knowing where your CBD comes from is crucial, and there’s nothing better than our amazing hemp grown right here in The Big Sky State.


By now, Montana’s abundance of year-round sunlight has become a known attraction for those seeking various outdoor adventures. The sun also helps with our natural hemp! The unique brightness of Montana sunshine creates a happier hemp plant, which in turn produces elevated antioxidant levels, better flavonoids, and a higher phytonutrient level — or simply put, the best CBD around.


Abundant, natural sources such as Montana’s Brower’s Spring flow into the Missouri River, providing headwaters to much of our nation. This water is essential to our blue-ribbon fisheries, and irrigates crops and pastures for our farmers. It is our drinking water, and also the water we use to nurture our natural, organic hemp plants. MVO is thankful to operate in Big Sky Country, which allows us to utilize the purest water available for our CBD.


Our fertile Montana soil is, without a doubt, some of the best soil on the planet. Our soil is rich, ensuring our hemp plants receive the best possible all-natural nutrients. We’re proud that this is where our CBD comes from, and we’re beyond thrilled to share it with you! Montana’s Very Own is passionate about what we do; we create the best CBD products on earth – for you, the person we care about. Our philosophy is: “when you love what you do, it’s not work, it’s art.”