We all have that one thing which makes us jump out of bed each morning; it makes us excited, thrilling and fulfilling us down to our very souls. We know this as ‘Passion’.


Passion is the driving force for MVO. Our passion is for the Montana lifestyle: all the fun, and all the adventure – with an understanding that unfortunately pain must sometimes also come with it.


For us, the Passion was always being on the mountain, surrounded by family and friends. But, fate had a different plan…


We never want to believe it, but life eventually slows you down. It happened to us. Our fast recoveries turned slow, our aches became pains, and we quickly realized that something needed to be done before we lost what makes life worth living.


Then, we found it! This time around, we built it ourselves. Our goal to maintain our outdoor Montana lifestyle was accomplished.


And now, we are here to share it with you. Don’t let life slow you down.